Monday, 5 July 2010


I have just finished playing this game,and i am not sure if i am lucky to draw or un lucky to draw the game.
I am playing black and the time control is 20 minutes each.

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This game for me and my opponent changed with one bad move.
The knight fork for me against him,and the bad rook move by me against,well me.

It ended with a draw by repetition.
Was i lucky to have drawn after such a bad move, or unlucky to have drawn after going a queen for knight up.or


LinuxGuy said...

My professional opinion? hehe.

Black should win by moving his king all the way around the board to like f5, if the rook chases.

White gets a passed b-pawn, but I like Black's chances of arriving at mate before then.

No, I wouldn't let it draw as Black.

chesstiger said...

If i have to be deadly honest i have to say that this game didn't deserve a winner. Both played so badly, white by just pursueing his kingside attack and black just by defending without even thinking to use all that space on the queenside.

You only talk about one bad move for each player. If that is your real believe then you didn't analyse the game properly. Try to work out, analyse, the game by yourself and then feed it to a silicon monster so that you can check what things you still overlook.

That way the learningproces will be of much higher value of you then when me or other visitors of your blog spout variation after varation.

Have fun with the analyse, i am sure one day the analyse work will bear fruits and you will have a rating jump. But before the jump hard work is needed. Just as for us, hard work is the key to improvement.

chesstiger said...

Hmmm, i hope my previous comment didn't scare chessx away from blogging.

CHESSX said...

No you have not scared me from blogging,it's just i have been so busy lately.
Working 12-15 hours a day,i am just to tied to blogg or do much else,other than sleep.
but this maddness should end in a week or 2,then i can get back to some blogging,some running,some chess,some visiting other than work/sleep/worl/sleep.

Thank you for your well meant constructive comments.
Blogg soon.

joven said...

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