Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Hi bloggers just a post to let you all know i have not disappeared into non blog world.!!!!
My work life has been mega-hectic over the last 12 weeks or so,so i have not had much(or any really) time to post on this blog or my friends.
But it looks like i should be back to normal come early september.
I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying your chess, i am looking forward to catching up with all your news.
Post soon,very soon.


amr abd elhafeez said...

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chesstiger said...

What brings the bread on the table is more important then this blog, we understand. Offcourse we want more to read, but if we have to wait patiently until septembre so we will do.

Tommyg said...

Hey ChessX!

Welcome back! I have moved to Massachusetts which has a LOT of chess... :)

Anonymous said...

I write a blog too on chess called Nerves Galore it has volume by now yet no one made a comment yet but go ahead make a move you could get lucky. Chessx right? I will keep your blog in mind.