Sunday, 26 September 2010


I have just finished the book Russians versus Fischer,it has taken me a while to finish due to non chess reasons.
The book is published by Everyman chess in hardback,it is 462 pages long and has many photos.
The authors are D. Plisetsky and S. Voronkov.
The book gives all Fischers games against Russian players, some in detail spanning several pages, others just the game with minimal notes.
Throughout the book interviews are added from leading Russian players and Russian chess federation people about how to stop Fischer.
In one of these writen in 1975 by I. Bondarevsky a former trainer to the ill Boris Spassky (get well soon Boris),It says "The American often wins material without fully evaluating the consequences. He is not properly aware of his kings safety."
What is all that about,Fischer not aware of his king safety,my eyes nearly poped out when i read that.
The one thing that stands out for me in the book,is the Russians lack of understanding that Fischer was a fantastic player.Who was totaly dedicated to chess,first and last.
No other interests just chess,chess and more chess.
Playing over the games ,which are set out by tournament and or match,is a pleasure.
It has once again connected me to the great Fischer play.
I like this book not only for the great games,but for the lack of understanding the Russians had about Fischer for years,until it was to late.
Also this book only cost £10 from the London chess and bridge centre.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Hi chess friends just got back from Valencia,what a beautiful city.
It has old sections that have Roman and Moors influences,almost side by side with bang up-to-date buildings.
I saw the site where Kasparov and Karpov played their 25th anniversary of their first World Championship,match last year.Thats the photo above.
I also stood in what is the pits for the Valencian F1 Grand Prix,it is an old dock building now only used for the race.
Chess colums are in every newspaper outtheir,chess is an accepted game/sport in Valencia,as it is in Spain generally.
Chess is wide spread for children in after school clubs.
I was on the metro reading a chess book,and the person sitting next to me leaned in and started to read the book pointed the the diagram and suggusted a move.
Here in England people would look at this and think nerd,but in Spain chess is held in a higher regard than most places i guess.

Friday, 10 September 2010


Hi chess friends i know i have only just come back to bloggland,but i am going on holiday to Valencia Spain for a week,to catch some sun.
We have not had much sun in England this summer,so i feel the need to bronze up a little.
Spain hosts many fine tournaments,perhaps the European home of chess at the moment?
Will post some photos when i come back.