Saturday, 26 June 2010


I am black in this game the time limit was 20 minutes each.
It took me 20 moves to get out of my half of the board.
One move changes the game,24...Qd4+ wins a piece.

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Once i was a piece up my plan all-be-it a simple plan,was to swop queens and rooks,then let my extra piece be a pain on either side of the board.
Then queen a pawn,i said it was simple!!!!!

Also i have been away on holiday to north Norfolk,and with the couple of weeks before being hectic at work i have not been active in blogland.


Rolling Pawns said...

Good counter-attack with e5, his dxe5 was bad. Well played.

LinuxGuy said...

Nice finish.

One thing I like about tournament chess blogging is it forces me to post wins, draws, and losses.

White appears to begin having a meltdown starting with 15.Nxd7 instead of improving on the queen-side.

Spree K said...

Why didn't you go for a plan with b6 and a5 etc.? It seems like in the game, White had a good position. For instance they could have played 13. b4 followed by Qb3,a4, Rfb1, b5 etc. Luckily they didn't.