Saturday, 30 January 2010


This game is more like the way i play,safe, boring,dull.
I was white in this KIA game,and never really took the battle to my opponent.
It almost seemed i played this game like Petrosian,waiting for my opponent to make a mistake.
I played around and within my pawn wall,never breaking the chain till i had to.
My passed pawns would have been impossible to stop,as he was going to be a rook down.

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Saturday, 23 January 2010


I played another game with the Scandinavian icelandic gambit,but on the white side in a 20 minutes a side game.

This opening was discussed by me and my opponent after the last game.

Although the result was good for me i still dont feel happy about being this adventurous.I will go back to my French defence as black and kia as white.
Safe in dullness.

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Perhaps this is a new me!!!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010


I played this game a few days ago, i played as black with an opening i would not normally play.
It was 20 minutes each, when we got down to the final position i had just over a minute on my clock,my opponent had over 6 minutes.

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I was thinking of playing 25...Bxa2 26 Ra1 Bc4+ 27 K move a5 and start the pawn rush.
But with so little time i played 25...Kf8 and offered a draw which he took it.
I think i should have won with more time.

The opening was a Scandiavian Icelandic gambit i saw in another game.
I thought that is so not me,my opponent would never think i would play this.
But it back fired on me i spent to much time working out what to do, i did not have the time to try to win!!!!!