Monday, 31 May 2010


This is a game only played yesterday,i am playing the black side of a queens gambit.
The time control was the normal 20 minutes each for the game.
I think a draw was a fair result,but you guys will tell me otherwise.

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The queens gambit and the frence defence both have black playing d5 and e6,as i now play both i should feel comfortable with this shared pawn formation.
But time will tell!!!!


chesstiger said...

15. ... Rac8 ??? The rook stands better on a8 it has more possibilities there even to support an a pawn push.

Then we have wasted tempis when you chase his queen with your knight. Make a plan that does something other then jumping jack flash. :-)

Thirdly white was better in the endgame but he prematurely swapped rooks in a better (dont know winning) position for white.

LinuxGuy said...

I prefer to not play ..h6 these days unless it immediately precedes ..Ne4(the Lasker Variation).

You had 11...e5, a quicker way of reaching your plan.

21...Qh4 seems like a big advantage for Black (after his Qh2 blunder).

You generally want to play ...exf, Rxf. As it was in the game, if he had a pawn on a6 instead of a7, White should win in that final position due to an eventual zugzwang.

LinuxGuy said...

Letting White play NxN wasn't so hot, having the bishop there on d5 would seem better.

You are playing my repertoire now. :-)

Tommyg said...

I think it looks drawish at this point. White may have a slight edge but they would have to work really hard to prove it. So a draw is solid.

Have you ever messed around with the Tarrasch defense to the Queen's Gambit??

The Baron said...

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