Wednesday, 5 May 2010


This is one of my recent games i played in my chess den.
I am white in this game,my opponenet played very quickly,he only used about 3 or 4 of the 20 minutes we each had.

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Bxh7+ was just calling out to me,for a couple of minutes i played like Tal!!!!


LinuxGuy said...

Material-wise, White hardly ever suffers from this attack as ...f5 is usually mandatory, then Nxe6 gets a rook and two pawns for the two pieces, which is a slight material edge for White, all else aside.

Nice spotting it!

CMoB said...

Ah! The classic greek gift. Black clearly did not know about this particular Bishop sacrifice or else he would've played 9...h6 to prevent it. And you even gave him a second chance by playing 10.Bd2?

chesstiger said...

A nice short game. I guess black didn't know the opening otherwise he wouldn't have played only at the queenside before your sacriface on h7.

CHESSX said...

I have never known Rudy to play so fast,after the game he said he was trying out some new ideas.
But would not tell me what they where.

Rolling Pawns said...

Classical Bxh7 sacrifice! Frankly, I never saw it ending with a mate g4#!