Friday, 21 May 2010


This is a game i played a few days ago in my chess den.
I am white and play a kind of king's indian attack formation.
The game was heading for a stand still when i broke through on the king's side.
I had a big advantage in space as my pawns where far up the board,not sure if that's a good thing or not to try in many games.
Even without his queen loss my passed pawns should have been enough to decide the game.

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Black had a cramped position and his pieces had trouble finding good squares, during the game i kept thinking thats how i normally play.

My dark squared bishop moves to e3 then back to c1 and stays their,just watching!!!


LinuxGuy said...

Black should have played BxNc5. Playing Qg8 was a losing idea.

d4 was essentially wrong, a4 would seem better, and you countered it nicely. If you play the KIA against the French, you will have an extra tempo if Black plays ...e6 AND ..e5, which frequently happens.

Nice chess-den win. ;-D

chesstiger said...

Black always seems to lift off the tension whenever there is one which makes that white can get to the more active position of his pieces.

Anonymous said...

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Rolling Pawns said...

Your advanced pawns were well supported, nothing wrong with this strategy. They gave you the space to organize the final attack.