Monday, 5 April 2010


I have very nearly finished decorating a room that has become my chess den.
In this chess den i can store all my chess books,and have a table set up just to play chess on.
No need to keep putting things away and then getting it all out again.
My little bit of chess heaven.


CMoB said...

That's some mighty fine chess den you got yourself. Enjoy it!

Rolling Pawns said...

Wow, looks great! It seems you can charge people for coming and playing there:).

CHESSX said...

Thanks guys,hey rolling pawns charging people to play here,thats a great idea but no i dont.
I will show you soon the first 2 games i played in my chess den.
The first was i thought what to do then picked up the wrong piece,this led to a loss.
The second game i won very quickly,my opponent perhaps was waiting for me to make a mistake!!!!

Tommyg said...

Your den rocks! I am just a bit envious!! :)

chesstiger said...

Am jealous, first of the chess den, second just because you have a den and i dont. :-)

PetrS said...

Your chess den is perfect! Everyone must envy it! I hope your chess skill will be better and better with training in this den!

LinuxGuy said...

I may have to setup my wooden board and pieces in the guest-bedroom now just so that I don't lose my 'cool' badge (kidding). ;-D

I'll actually be able to leave a board with pieces on it on a table once I move in on Monday - nice for book study.

Bravo for you to clearing out space for a favorite interest, or job-related endeavor in particular. :-)

CHESSX said...

Thanks guys,this has been something i have wanted to do for a very long time.
I had the space,just never used it properly.
Plus i never seemed to have the time to get around to it.
So a few weeks back i took the plunge and cleared out the room,then decorated it in a soft colour.
Moved in a book case that was quickly filled with chess books,and a table and chess set.
NOW lets see them get me out!!!!!!

Polly said...

Very nice, though you need to update your chess clock. :-)

Russ Bastable said...

Very nice! I am thinking about clearing out my kitchen and replacing it with a replica! :)

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Tim said...

hehe. Nice chess den!