Thursday, 12 November 2009


I have played some bad moves in my time,but i think this is the worst.

I am black in this game,doing nicely,a piece up for 2 pawns.
King in the open,but i have to protect my queen side pawns.

I am not sure what happened but i played Re8!!!
White can take the rook as my knight is pinned.

Is this chess blindness or very careless play,or both?


Rolling Pawns said...

It's a classical blindness :).

CHESSX said...

What made it worst 2 moves before this my opponent offered a draw,i declined thinking i was going to win,i then made this horrible move.

jovana said...

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CMoB said...

A glitch in your brain? :)

Are you sure you weren't in time trouble?

Anyway, it happens to the best of us.

LinuxGuy said...

You probably aren't used to pinned-kings enough. I still make this sort of mistake in blitz chess.

It's all about how to get out of the pin. In this case, ...Qd7 looks best because it offers to trade off the pinning piece, whereas ...Re8 did not.

The hardest thing to "get" about tactics is the absoluteness of a pin on the king (and sometimes on the queen in more limited sense).

You can't sacrifice your way out of it like you normally could when it comes to the king. There is no sidestepping it, even if you are Mikhail Tal, it is simply absolute, so all you can do is to see it coming ahead of time.

The most important thing is getting out of a pin correctly. I made this mistake in a blitz game earlier today; and no don't take the draw.

chesstiger said...

This is a case of having a retained image in your head.

With other words your blind chess play has had a glitch. You didn't imagine the correct place of your pieces in your head after 1. ... Re8 2. Rxe8 Nxe8 by which the last move of black is illegal. Somehow you forgot that your knight is pinned.

So one can say its a bad case of blindness and carelessness.

CHESSX said...

Rolling pawns
It just poped up from nowhere.

I was not in time trouble,iwish i was,then i may have an excuse for the rook move.

I think i was to wrapped up in swopping pieces and like chesstiger said just forgot the knight cant now move.

I think thats it.Well said.
The move order went,move he takes i retake still a piece for 2 pawns up.
BUT as you say i cant move the knight.
I had looked at this position a few times and did not see i cant move the knight until i played the rook move,then it stared me in the face.
My line of thinking was swop rooks and queens,then hope the knight is compensation for the pawns.

It looks like its back to square one for me,i dont think i will challenge Anand this year.

Liquid Egg Product said...

When it doubt, play h6!! If your opponent has any skill, he will immediately resign.