Monday, 30 November 2009


I have just spoiled a good solid position by playing well i don't know what to call it.
Chess blindness or just not paying attention.
You decide.
I am white in this position.

Black plays 1..........Bc3 attacking my b4 knight. So instead of moving the knight to c2,i play 2.Ke2!!!!!!!! goodbye knight.

Was this position drawish before my bad move?


LinuxGuy said...

It's drawish, but it's still tricky as you are right, you will have to be patient there and trade the knights at the right time, which is when he tries to break through there.

It's natural that it's harder to find a move where the piece moves backward - the bishop captures by moving backward, retrograde movement.

chesstiger said...

Material is even and nobody has immediate threats so yes the position is drawish.