Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I played another game as white trying the kings indian attack.
The time control was 20 minutes each for the whole game.
I think i was lucky in this game.

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I still am not sure about this opening.


Rolling Pawns said...

You played well. That was a really nice sac on f6, wow! You see, aggressiveness pays off.
Regarding the opening - first of all, the results are very important. If you are winning - it's probably your opening. You see, some time ago I liked Accelerated dragon in Sicilian, but it wasn't winning, also there were some lines that I didn't quite like, so I don't play it anymore. Maybe you are creating your style right now, that's why you don't know. I would try to play more and will see, the answer should come naturally.

LinuxGuy said...

Nice attack at the end, yes, but you were winning a piece right off the bat, and then he somehow thought that a queenside attack being a piece down was going to be the answer(?!), whilst not putting up an adequate defense on the kingside.

You beat a 1500 level player, that is mostly what I see out of it, but good job nonetheless.

CHESSX said...

Rolling pawns
I will keep going with this opening,as you say i am creating my style.
Perhaps this opening is part of it.

Yes i like aggressive.

I don't know what he was doing with that early piece loss.
But as you say the result is what counts in the end.

After the game my opponent ask was playing a Reti?
I said no a kings indian attack,but when i ran the game through fritz it said it was a B40 sicilian 2..e6 unusual line!!!!!

LinuxGuy said...

ChessX, it's definitely the same tried-and-true French Def. KIA that I go into with my games against Neal.

e5 was pushed too early. Neal likes to play Nd2 and Qc2 before possibly making the push. In fact, he may even play Nd2-f1-g3, letting Black dictate the center. But if I wait too long as Black, then he will play e5 and d4.

Usually, Black ends up playing ...e5 first. It's a slow system as White, particularly with the fianchetto, so probably shouldn't rush the center-pawn advance. Incidentally, the purpose of Ng3 is to take advantage of the hole that ...e5 creates, the f5 square.

CMoB said...
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CMoB said...

About you not being sure about this opening, you should ask yourself if you feel comfortable playing it. If you feel comfortable playing it and your results are good, then why not play it? But if you have some other opening in mind you wonna try then by all means go ahead and try it. Experimenting is good to discover which opening suits you best.

Just make sure you feel comfortable playing what you play.

chesstiger said...

If you get results with the opening then i wouldn't worry to much about being your opening or not. But then again, at our level each and every opening is good so pick one you feel good with.

About the game, that early piece sacriface of your opponent was weird not to say already winning the game for you.

PetrS said...

I would agree with CMoB - choosing "your" openings is a matter of comfortable play. Games are often decided not during the opening phase but later at our level. Very often by tactic stroke/blunder. So if you don't choose some really weird lines in the opening, play those ones where you feel comfortable and which suit you.

CHESSX said...

Thanks guys once again excellent comments.
I think i will stick with the kings indian attack as white,because of 2 reasons.
1/I can play this opening ALMOST regardless against what black is playing.(but not always)
2/It's like playing black with the white pieces.
The kings indian defence will be my defence against 1.d4.
So it is like learning 2 openings in 1.If that makes sence.

Plus as you have said,being comfortable with an opening is good.