Friday, 23 October 2009


I played this game as white yesterday, the time control was 20 minutes each for the whole game.
In this game i tried out the kings indian attack as white.
It seems this opening can be played as white almost against anything black plays,well with in reason.

In the end it came down to a game of chicken with the clock.
When the draw was agreed, we both had only seconds left on the clock.

Not sure if i like this opening, i might slip back to my old safe ways with this,but well see.

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linuxguy said...

Imagine if he plays 23...b6, blocking in your queen before playing 24...Qg5. Your lone queen foray was not the sort of attack you want to get out of your team of pieces.

At the end, It seems you have winning chance of pushing the a-pawn and infiltrating there with your king.

I think you should refine (or unrefine) that opening, or abandon it as being too safe. Sometimes you seem to have almost a deathgrip on the draw, and that can be a drawish opening unless you refine it more, and play with more abandon.

Rolling Pawns said...

I wouldn't exchange dark-colored bishop. His 38. ... a4 was a mistake, that could cost him a game, I agree with linuxguy about pushing "a" pawn.

chesstiger said...

Your opponent began good at the game but in the end he swapped to much pieces to do something with his little advantage.

I dont know what you were planning with your pawnplay at the Q-wing but it gave again the advantage to white.