Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Yes the rescheduled date for my anckle operation is tomorrow the 2nd of September.

After being cancelled twice before i think it is third time lucky!!!!!

All that can go wrong now is when i am in hospital they cancell me because of an emergency.

But fingers crossed.

See you guys soon.


Tommyg said...

Good Luck with the operation! Take care and rest up. We will see you when you get back.

CHESSX said...

Thanks and hope your tour goes well.

Rolling Pawns said...

Good luck! Hope to see you back worried only about opening traps, etc.

LinuxGuy said...

Good luck. Tell them not to mess it up, and that you don't want to have pain from it for the rest of your life. Such things can happen if they do a crappy job of it.

My dad had to have both of his Achilles tendons sewn back together and was in the cast too long, for one thing, so the lower-leg area permanently atrophied to some extent, and I think that was from maybe 25 years ago.

If it were my body, I would try to recover quickly despite whatever a doc tells me.

Chess? said...

best of luck stay positive.