Monday, 31 August 2009


I have been looking for an new opening for the children to play against very strong players as black.

Using some hints from you guys about my responce to 1.d4,i have found the Hippopotamus opening.

It is a pirc/modern type opening.
You seem to play in your own half of the board and draw your opponent on to you.
Spassky has played this opening a few times even twice in the 1966 world championship against Petrosian.
First in game 12

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Next game 16

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Most childrens games open 1.e4 and reply 1..e5.
But against some very strong children this is no good as these strong kids are pumped and primed with opening traps.
So i am thinking agaisnt the very strong children my ones should play the Hippo.
It's a non aggressive opening (so linuxguy will never play this!!!)
and should take strong 1.e4 e5 players out of any book lines.


chesstiger said...

Its good that you come with suggestions of new openings but make sure they also know what to play when the opening stages are over.

LinuxGuy said...

I would play that, ChessX! :-) Only reason I don't is that I am booked in the other, but I would like to try that opening, sure.

Here's the thing, that opening would be 10x harder to play if White had opened with 1.d4 2.c4. With c4, the White queen can get involved, moving to a4, which along with Bb5 and Nf3-e5 can really pound c6 and d7 squares, but here there is almost none of that.

Black can be thinking about Nh6 and f5, or e6 and Ne7, or Na6, or Ba6 even. Plenty of ideas to think about. I would try one of the first two plans, if I could get it in, or combine some of the plans.

LinuxGuy said...

What an opening like this does is improve positional and endgame play, and should ward off openings disasters more than throwing the two center pawns forward. Nice find!

LinuxGuy said...

You can even aim to play ...h5 with ...Nf8-h6-g4. It can get very "wingy".

CHESSX said...

Thanks guys once again you have given me a lot of usful feed back,thanks.