Thursday, 27 August 2009


This is a game i played yesterday on
A year subscription to playchess came with fritz 11.

The game was a draw.
I thought i would meet 1.d4 with 1...d5 just one last time.
As recent posts have given me lots to think about when meeting 1.d4.
The kings indian or grunfeld look best so far.
I replied 1...d5 because i am not confidenet with either of these yet.
I am still seeing which one is best for me.

Here is the game i am black.
(show chess board)(hide chess board)

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LinuxGuy said...

I like what you did until Ne7 (not sure about ...c4). Perhaps ...e5. Once you got your knight on f5, I'd see if I could play ..g6 to back it up instead of retreating and looking for draws.

Even with the queen, Qd6 seemed better than Qd7 looking for the trade since his queen is on the less useful side of the board, simply defend whatever that queen is attacking with something worth less than a queen.

In my last round 2 game, I retreated a lot, but that was because I did not see how what I wanted to do was going to work out, but Crafty suggested I should have gone through with it. IOW, I was playing sort junky, yet still staying in the game, just as much psychology as it was chess.

I liked your 2...Bg4, insightful since it is really punishing White for not playing the 2.c4 move order.