Sunday, 12 July 2009


This is a game played in 1834 between Mcdonnell and La bourdonnais.
The final position is one of the strangest i have seen in chess.
Would this happen in todays play i don't think so.

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Tommyg said...

That is a totally funky position!!

I love playing through some of those old games! The swashbuckling is just fun to watch.

I have been doing some tactics training out of a book titled Chess Gems (using the method my coach gave me for studying tactics).

Anyway, this book Chess Gems has a bunch of old combinations from many games from the LONG ago past. It is a really cool way to practice tactics and check out some chess history!

CHESSX said...

I think it's great to play over these games from time to time.
It restores what chess was/should be about,enjoyment.

The games where played by both players,with an almost who can checkmate quickest.
Often not bothering about things like control of the centre,king saftey or pawn structures.

Their is definitly a place in chess for these games.

Rolling Pawns said...

I remember seeing this beautiful position many years ago in a book from the series "World's great chess players". I would call it returning to the roots.

linuxguy said...

When I first saw this game many years ago, I thought it was fantastic. Now I just think it is dumb that White did not organize some king-side defense, like at least stop creating threats and play pxp, something.