Thursday, 9 July 2009


I think this game from the Sousse 1967 interzonal is perhaps one of Bobby Fischers best underatted games.
Fischer has white against L. Myagmarsuren in round 3.
It is not played against a very strong player, but i think it is still a great game.

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Black cannot take the white queen as this leads to checkmate.


Tommyg said...

Cool game! Fischer's games had a clarity to them! I love his 60 Memorable Games collection. His annotations are not always the most exciting to read but they are always really educational when doing comparative analysis with other games and similar positions.

CHESSX said...

You are so right.

The more i play over fischers games the more i see his greatness.

His games against D.Byrne 1956,R.Byrne 1963,Petrosian 1971 or some Spassky games are often shown.

But games like this and many more of his, are just as good but not so well known.

linuxguy said...

This game was looked in a book I had on Fischer where the author analyzes what made Fischer different. He focused on idiosyncracies, like how White played a3 in this game, and that that was oh so unusual or something.

Really, this game boils down to I think ...d4 sucked, Black should have played ...c4. Then Black plays Nc3 which gives up the ...f6 square and basically the game. This is very bad play IMHO, as Black should easily have a great game against White or at least complex but equal.

The reason I say bad play is that Black is taking the meaningless positional trinkets that White is tossing out. Personally, I love to win this way.

Anonymous said...

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