Wednesday, 15 July 2009


I played over this game today a La Bourdonnais game as black against Jouy in 1836.
Their is little to no attempt at controlling the center or King saftey.
Just out an out attack.
I know the Kings gambit when accepted is all about attack,and boy do they,this is a very good entertaining little game.

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linuxguy said...

11. exd instead of Bxd is the obvious game-loser.

You think this is wild stuff, but it is basically main-line theory that Labordannais was creating with this game.

They are fun to study, though, and make excellent teaching games.

CHESSX said...

With play like this no wonder Steinitz, had trouble convincing people with his get a small advantage and build on it.
His slow grind them down chess must have seemed very boring to these type of players.

Rolling Pawns said...

It's an excellent game, I loved that checkmate!

linuxguy said...

Steinitz had a colorful style and was well known for his king-walks in the opening. Fisher partly modeled his game after him IMHO (incidentally, I think Botvinnik's style resembled Capablanca's to some extent).

Now Akiba Rubinstein, we can talk about a man who liked rook and pawn endgames.