Tuesday, 23 June 2009


The hospital called me today and cancelled my operation for tomorrow.
I will hear in due course with another dtae.
I was all geared up for the operation only now to at some stage gear myself up again.
A friend of myn had his operation cancelled 3 times,so at the moment it's not that bad.


Rolling Pawns said...

I hope your operation will go well in the right place :) and time, so you can return to the regular life (including chess).

Linuxguyonfics said...

Yeah, I hope you get it Chessx, and then get back back to normal, how you felt before you messed it up, or however you used to feel.

Polly said...

Playing chess while taking painkillers, does not enhance the clarity of your thinking process. I know this from experience, having played in a couple of tournaments after should injury, and later surgery.

Good luck with that!

CHESSX said...

Thanks polly, the date for my operation has now been put back to early september.
After the hospital cancelled late june,they could not fit me in in july.
The surgeon is on holiday throughout august,so fingers crossed 2nd of september it is.

When fit being a runner and dealing with runners injuries gives you some insight to pain.