Saturday, 4 July 2009


It's been a while since i have posted,but for the time being i don't have to worry about having my operation untill september(fingers crossed i dont get cancelled then).

Here is a blitz game i played.
I am white in this game it is a long time since i have played this fast.
It is not a good game by any means,but it is a game i have played.
Comments please.


Tommyg said...

Hey ChessX,

Sorry to hear about the operation being canceled. I can somewhat empathize. When I was much younger I was going to have a major surgery done that was rather new at the time. (doctors from around the country came to observe!)

I was a the hospital, had been given my pre-op shots and was IN the Pre-Op waiting room, half drugged out of my mind. Then they found a small heart murmur(which I knew about) and had to cancel the operation because the anesthesia would have had very bad effects on my heart.

Then six months later we did the whole thing over and everything went fine.

I wish you well as you wait!

Have a great 4th of July weekend.

Rolling Pawns said...

Chess is a good distraction, so it's right to resume these activities. Your game is OK, by the way. I would try to avoid exchange of the bishops on e6, since it opens the "f"-vertical for Black. I often offer such exchange myself in this opening.
His going to a pawn endgame was a fatal mistake, you demonstrated technique here.