Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Just finished this game i was black.
Comments most welcome.

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chesstiger said...

After a quick scan i suggest you look up the first moves of the italian opening so that 3. ... h6 isn't played anymore but that you develop pieces.

Secondly 16. ... Bf8? Personally i think 16. ... Kh7 is better in that position. Atleast you save the h-pawn.

Thirdly, when a piece up make exchanges but dont forget that you still need material to mate or to help promote a pawn. So maybe after your Qc1+ it's better to take on c3 instead of what looks in my eyes trying to repeat the position with Qc1-f4-c1

CHESSX said...

Thanks for the comments it's really helpful to have other players look at your games.
3..h6 is a very automatic habit that goes back a long way.
I still think i need to be more attack minded,i tend to look for safe(that proberly means do nothing) moves.
Positions can get out of control before i respond with any sort of correct moves.
I think during a game i revert to type.

Rolling Pawns said...

3. ... h6 is not a very good move, with active play White gets essentially better chances.
6. ... better Be7 than Bd6, you close the way for d7 pawn. You actually realized it later.
9. Nh4? - you could win a pawn by 9. ... Nxe4. 15. Bxh6 not sound sacrifice at all.
Then, except 16. ... Bf8, you defended and counter-attacked well.
I don't think it was right to sacrifice your knight for 2 pawns.
He actually got a better endgame, but you outplayed him there.

CHESSX said...

Rolling pawns
I think i was some what lucky, as my opponent should have played more aggressivly with the pawns.
If he had pushed them (the kingside ones before i swoped 2 for a knight) i think it would have been a very different game.

linuxguy said...

I think all of your posts should be titled 'I WON BY AN OPPONENT MISTAKE'. hehe.

But seriously, I'll analyze it and get back with you later, plenty of mistakes in this game on both sides, oh yes. ;-)

linuxguy said...

Yeah, chesstiger is right. You had Kh7 to get out of the pin instead of moving your rook, which needs to cover that square. Bf8 is a gaffe, you had Kg7, I believe.

Not sure why you sacked your last piece. He GAVE you a passed pawn instead of pushing his own one.

The Bd6 move, he could have gone Bd5, then BxN on c6 to mess up your pawn chain.

h6 is simply losing a tempo, which he gives right back with moving a3.

Linuxguy said...

Disreguard the Kh7 comment, was getting out of the shower thinking about it and realized again that it fails to NxR, so you played that right, but Kg7 instead of Bf8 still, right(?), looked obvious at a glance.

I may be too tired to do blunderchecks today, not really sure.