Thursday, 23 April 2009


This game has just finished my opponent lost a piece then resigned.
I played so badly in the opening i struggled into the middlegame in a cramped position.

My bishops were cramped and did not get into the game properly untill move 24.
I think 25.d5 was the move that changed the game.

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Rolling Pawns said...

I think you are too harsh on yourself. He was down a pawn after 14.... e3 without any compensation. Your position looks solid, I think the plan with g3, Bg2 was good, especially because Black castled queenside. Yeah, 21. ... Bb4 was a mistake, this move doesn't make sense even from positional point of view. So, you played well and I think you should try to play with opponent rated 150-200 higher.

Linuxguy said...

His play is indifferent enough that you are kidding yourself if you think he just made a "mistake".

You need to play stronger opposition, players that have a better chance at calling you out on any little mistake. Of course, that would probably be like 1900+.

CHESSX said...

Thanks guys,when i started this game i was 1450 he was nearly 200 points above me.
I finished other games and my rating went up,he finished other games and went down.
now i am about 80 points above him.
I have some games against higher rated players see how i get on in these.