Friday, 10 April 2009


Today i played an online game at against a 1710 player,my rating after 1 game on was start you off on a 1200 rating.
After this game it is now 1701.
In 2 games my rating has gone from 1200 to 1450 to 1701,if only i could make my bank balance jump that quickly!!!
When i lose a couple of games i expect my rating will drop as quick as it rose.
I am black in this game.
chessx is not my name.

25.Nxd6 was the mistake by White it allows the pin on knight/queen.


linuxguyonfics said...

Congratulations on your new rating, Chessx! 1700's, that's the place to be. :-)

White looks to be winning a rook with 26. NxR, and if ...RxQ, then 27. NxN+ followed by NxQ.

He appears to have ran out of creative juices starting with the pawn push. "The game should win itself" still needs a creative, guiding-hand.

CHESSX said...

Thanks linuxguy, i expect this rating to fall very quickly with a couple of loss's.
I am going to sort out an 1800 and a 1900 to play with and see what happens.

chesstiger said...

27. e5 f6 28. Q off the d-file seems to safe the knight and bring the loss only to a pawn.

CHESSX said...

27.e5 i would not play 27....Qxd3

Korch said...

Please could you tell me how can I make such a playing boards?

CHESSX said...

Use this link

Use the ichess viewer click on new game,copy the pgn into it and it will give you a code to save to a blog.
You have a choice of board size,i use medium.
Let me know how you get on.

Caeruleum Canis said...

Nc6 on move 4 is a mistake. c6 leads to a lot of theory, but is much better. You can also play c5 or Nbd7, just don't block that c pawn. It's going to want to advance soon.