Monday, 6 April 2009


This game was my first with a digital chess clock,and i got into allsorts of trouble with the clock.

The time was 15 minutes plus 10 seconds each time you move.
At one point i thought i only had 5 seconds left when it was 5 minutes.
I won the game because my opponent made a mistake,otherwise i think i should of lost.

I am black in this game.
Once i got the g pawn off it was a race to h8.


chesstiger said...

Don't forget that one of the rules of opening play is to develop your pieces. Don't play a piece for the second time if it's not necessary (only if a piece is attacked or if you can win material), try to develop your pieces because with one piece one cannot mate. All this to say that 9. ... Nce7 wasn't the best move.

So the golden rules of the opening are:
1. move one, at most two pawns, in the centre.
2. develop your pieces
3. King safety (0-0 or 0-0-0)

Rolling Pawns said...

Frankly, I didn't like 16. ... f6 (better 16. ... Ngf6), it creates a weak pawn on e6, which was lost later. That alone was enough to get an endgame that was lost, though you resisted very well and got a chance when he blundered. If you will try to make simple, active moves in the opening/middlegame I think your play will improve. And of course if you ever want to play rated OTB, you should play more with a clock, with any partners.

Wahrheit said...

I'm a bit baffled--you said "I won the game because my opponent made a mistake,otherwise i think i should of lost." However, the final position is a stone-cold draw.

linuxguyonfics said...

...f6 was losing, as you soon probably figured out, happens.

...g5 was definitely losing, as you need to either exchange panws (and sack your knight for the final pawn), or keep the pawns on light-squares.

The best move was probably temporizing with your king. gxh may have been playable, may have been losing, but would even that would be better than pushing the pawn onto a dark-square.

Linuxguyonfics said...

Having played 5...BxN, why not play Nf6, and if g3, then b7?

Giving up the bishop is a big problem, so it's cool how you played creatively after that. Your treatment of the opening looked quite strong until 16...f6, of course. Instead, ...Ne7 followed by ...h6 is an idea. The reason for h6 is that you need to compensate for your lack of control of dark-squares, and have the knights coordinate with that, like ....Nf5 is then a crazy possibility (after moving your queen) to attack a bishop on h4, and ...Ne6 or NxB is possible.

linuxguy said...

Also, 52. Kxg is winning. I would blitz out this move in a blitz game without batting an eyelash, and noticed it immediately.

linuxguy said...

58. Kg7 is a needless blunder when he can push the h-pawn instead.

It's the endgame which subtracts from the worth of the game, not the opening. This is extremely common against weaker or less-experienced players.

CHESSX said...


Sorry yes it was a draw,in going over the game after with Allen my opponent every different move he played he lost because not winning this game upset him so much.
This draw effected him he said he had a certain win,after he could not play a good move.
He played a game after with another player and hung piece after piece, and lost in 20 moves.
He said to me a few days later that he could not get our game out of his mind.
Should i tell him it's only a game!!!

I was very lucky in this game.
16...f6 is not a good move but i thought if 16...Ngf6 17.Nxf6 Nxf6
18.Bxf6 gxf6 giving me a hole in my soon to be castled position.
But after the game white said c5 is a good knight outpost and would not have swopped pieces on f6.

Rolling pawns

This digital clock gave me trouble i kept looking at it and thinking where has my time gone.
Then i look again and see it's minutes not seconds.The add 10 seconds a move threw me a bit. My opponenet was almost out of time a few times. But the 10 seconds each move made it a speed game and i kind of got sucked into this.
The last time i played with a clock it had to be wound up before the game.


I thought i would play the french as i used to play it years ago.
I thought i will play it like Rolling pawns but i went wrong very quickly.