Tuesday, 21 April 2009


This is a game i have just finished on chess.com.

I am white in this game.

I had a knight well placed on f6 went on the attack,but at move 27 Rg3 i ran out of steam.
I ended up swopping queens and it drifted towards a draw.
I like to think i had the draw in hand.

Help please.

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Tommyg said...

I think I saw two things in the game that might have helped. One was one move 17 I might have traded his bishop for your knight. Most of his other pieces were doing nothing. Granted this may have stalled the attack but it might paid dividends later.

Also later on I may have started pushing some pawns on the queenside since he had nothing to do on his kingside anyway.

I also could be very wrong! :)

Aziridine said...

You could've played 13.Nc2 right away - 13...Qxb2?? 14.Rfb1.
18.Qg5 (could've been played on move 19 or 20 too) threatens 19.g4 Nh6 20.Nh5+ and would've forced 18...h6 which weakens the kingside further. Then after 19.Qf4 White could just push his kingside pawns to g5 and h5, maybe assisted by something like Kg2 and Rh1. Meanwhile Black has no counterplay on the queenside.
22.g4! and 23.g4! were both very strong - after ...fxg4 Nxg4 White's queen will invade on f6 or h6 with disastrous consequences for Black.
The endgame is still very good for White who has a good knight versus a bad bishop. Bringing the knight to e3 was an excellent idea, but your moves afterward seem a bit planless. White would like to open lines for the rooks and get the knight to an even better square. I would try 36.Rh3! hoping for 36...Rh8 37.g4! - White threatens 38.gxf5 gxf5 39.Rh5 and after 37...fxg4 38.Nxg4 you get a knight on f6 again. (Black should play 36...h5, but after 37.Rf3 followed by g3, h3 and g4 I still like White's position.)
There was no need to trade on move 42 - 42.Re5 was strong, threatening both 43.Nb4 and Ne3.
48.cxb4 axb4 49.Nc2 c3 50.b3 wins a pawn and the game.
52.f5 probably wins too.
54.Ng4 allowed an immediate draw with 54...Bd1+ 55.Kg3 Bxg4 56.Kxg4 Kg6, but I don't think White could've won anymore.
You played well - you might not have realized it but you were positionally winning as early as move 7 - but you lacked the killer instinct in this game. You have a very good feel for piece play - I especially like your knight manoeuvres to f6 and later to e3 - but you should try to get more comfortable with making aggressive pawn moves - how many times did I suggest White play g4?
Hope this helps.

Linuxguy said...

on move 17, you had Nh6+ rather than Nf6. Trade knights and get in Qh6 with Ng5 for h7 mate/capture
he plays f6 and gives you the center while his Qside is over extendend, lots of sacs possible for White then probably, through the center.

25. f4, I thought a knight belonged there instead where it could at least eye an e6 push.

You are much stronger now. I foresaw a lot/most of your moves, so I can feel your strength improve.

Caeruleum Canis said...

On move 44 (or 45, since he didn't respond accurately to your 44th), you should play h4. This ending is almost certainly drawn then, since by playing h4, following up with g3 and a3, you make it so neither his king nor his bishop have any points of entry into your position. I didn't analyze enough to see if there was a way for you to break through with the knight at that point, but at the very least you have a guaranteed draw. Also, in the opening you might have tried f4 instead of Nf3. After he pushes c4, the pressure on your center is reduced to such a degree that you don't really have to play the reinforcing Nf3, but can just get on with the kingside attack via f4 and even g4.

CHESSX said...

Thanks guys for the comments, i think i need to play more chess.
10 or so games a year are not enough.