Thursday, 12 March 2009


This is another tournament game i played recently.

I am Black in this game.
The game is not very good, but i gave me the point i needed.
After playing 26...h6 i saw Ng4 followed by Rd1+ then mate.
I thought i wont get a chance to play that.

My opponet was locked into what his rooks were going to do he did not see the danger.


linuxguyonfics said...

As early as move 6, he dropped his rook on a1, before you exchanged queens. On move 25, you missed ...e4, forking his rook and knight.

You played a6 early on instead of Nd7, he could have gotten a rook on b7 and doubled his rooks on your 7th rank, which is a pretty standard win amongst weak players - strong players never let this happen.

The good news is that if you keep playing opponents this weak, you will never lose a game. ;-D

Open positions like this one are usually over quick in the stronger players favor, and it was over early on.

Realistically, you shouldn't have set up for that mate like that, hoping he wouldn't see it - I was howling. You probably should have played assuming he would see it, and played R+, then N+, then perhaps Ra1 or something, but once he missed it, you had to play the mate, yes.

chesstiger said...

"linuxguyonfics says: The good news is that if you keep playing opponents this weak, you will never lose a game. ;-D"

Maybe that is true but the worse thing is that you will not improve (maybe even get worse in strenght).

Try to play people who match your strenght or are about 100 points higher rated then you so that they can punish you when you make a mistake.

All by all i must say that i see a tiny improvement in your play but it still needs lots of work. But then again, even Kasparov had to work hard to get and stay at the level he was.

chesstiger said...

PS. Answered your template question on my blog.

CHESSX said...

Linuxguy and chesstiger

I am in a online tournament with these players.
We are all new to this site and was given a 1200 rating to start with.

As the tournament is nearly finished their is a rating gap of over 200 points between first and last.

When the tournament is finished i will seek out stronger players.
But at the moment i am stuck.

Thanks for conpearing my improvement with kasparov.
I dont think he should be worried!!!!!

But i am winning games because my opponets are playing very weak moves, not because i am playing good moves.So ok play is good enough.

The draw back is i tend to get sucked into that type of play as well.
I dont know why.

linuxguy said...

ChessX, you are playing good moves as well. The reason you are drawn into their play is because you try to counter their moves a lot instead of ignoring it more and going with your own active plan.

If your ratings were equal, you could spend more time countering, but when ratings differ so much, you don't have to make everything into a counter-plan so much.

Just don't give them active counterplay, and then follow a plan of your own.

Probably sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo since decent moves in chess are most frequently counter-moves. Plus, you're opponents were trying to counter your plans as well.

CHESSX said...


Thanks for that,i do tend to play as my opponet.
That in it self would be ok if i was playing a grandmaster.
But when it is against weaker players it is no good.

As an example i use for chess news.
When you join you play an unrated welcome game. You start rating is 1200.
I have managed not to play any other games on this site,untill yesterday.

I was challenged by a 1351 player.
I thought ok i will give it a go.
His play was awful.
But i had to stop myself playing as bad.
I will post the game for you to see.