Monday, 9 March 2009


This game just finished today in the Gameknot 54 tournament.

I am black in this game.

I think white gave up the rook to easily in the end.

My pawn advantage would have been to much for the rook and king to deal with.


linuxguyonfics said...


Wow! This game was so well-played by both of you - I am impressed. This whole game seemed to come down to one move 37. a4? and that was all she wrote.

Perhaps more interesting is to push the h-pawn, since that is where it is passed, and double up rooks on h-file, possibly. One interesting possibility is to exchange rooks on h7, letting Black win the pawn on g6, then playing Re6, which is a snap-mate! White could try to disguise this idea by first playing Kd3 and c4.

The only problem with that idea is that it may already be a race for the h-file, as Black can try to get his rook there first with Rh8, then h6, so white needs to grab the h-file immediately with a rook. If Black grabs the h-file first, it's probably, should be, a hard-fought draw.

chesstiger said...

Whites pawns fell like loose sand once you had a rook inside his position. Your rook must have had stomach problems after eating all those pawns which made you win the game.

CHESSX said...

Yes 37.a4 was the move that allowed my Rook to invade.
I think once that happened White could not cover the b file with a Rook.

With 39...Rb4 one of Whites pawns must fall.
Then White defends the a pawn at the cost of the e and h pawns.
Should White have played 41.Rh3? to keep the h pawn.But then the g pawn is weak.

Once my Rook got to b4 Whites position just fell apart.
Mainly with some bad moves.

The pawns tasted very nice,another bad White move was 46.Rg1 allowing me to swop Rooks and then grab another pawn.

I am happy with the way i played but White seemed to race towards the loss.
Giving up pawns rather than trying to attack

When White plays 50.Ra6 attacking my a pawn,i do not defend it but attack his c pawn.
If we swop a and c pawns i am better off,4 pawns to none.

This simplifing is something i have trouble getting across to my primary School chess club.

They will not give up pieces,they defend to the last.

Aziridine said...

37.h5 must've been winning. And 39.h5 is probably still all right - 39...Rb4 40.Kd3 Rxa4 (40...gxh5 41.Ra1 and 42.Rh3) 41.hxg6 hxg6 42.Rh3 and I doubt you'll win - in fact you might have to be careful not to lose. But 39.Kd2? lost since the e-pawn wasn't defended. Earlier you didn't have to get yourself into this mess on the kingside - 33...d5! was good for example. But nice save at the end anyway.

free said...


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Linuxguy said...

Personally, I would have looked to nullify White's advantage on move 30.

Instead of playing a meaningless move like c6, you could play Kh8, then g6. If he plays g4, you can play h6.

I'm not "sure" if this works out, but you have an extra piece there, your king, against his extra pawn. Play all out to nullify his advantage there; you're king may seem vulnerable, but you have the two rooks right next to him as defense.

Aziridine is probably right that 37. h5 wins for White, which is why I would have looked to prevent that passed pawn situation there. You should have had a draw after trading off the rooks.

CHESSX said...


I did think h5 would be a very good move for White,and would have had trouble defending against the kingside pawn storm.


If it had gone 30...g6 31.g4 h6 Whites f pawn is weak because
32.fxg6 Rxf3 33.Rxf3 Rxf3 I am a piece up.

I knew he would not play this so i tried to lock up those pawns.
Even though White had a pawn on f6 he play feel apart once my Rook got to b4.

After the game he told me he should have been braver during the game.
Instead of working his kingside pawn marjority he was concerned about my queenside pawns.