Saturday, 14 March 2009


I use for chess news.
When you join you play an unrated welcome game. You start rating is 1200.
Even though I won that game as it was unrated I am still 1200.
I have managed not to play any other games on this site since August,that is untill yesterday.

I was challenged by a 1351 player.
I thought ok i will give it a go 151 rating points higher it may be a good game.

His play was awful.
But i had to stop myself playing as bad.
Thats been my problem.
I did not so much win the game he lost it.


linuxguy said...

ChessX, Play on FICS if you want your first provisional game to be around 1800 (instead of 1200).

He wasn't even playing at 1351 in that game, so it's probably not a strong site as far as I would be concerned.

That game looked more like a "White to mate in 22" problem. ;-D I dunno, I don't think I could have improved on mate in 22, either.

Linuxguy said...

That 3 game OTB tournament last week boosted my rating about 150 rating points, just checked. Why wait around for it, when you can do get there in one day(?)

linuxguy said...

My advice, if you like to play slow games, would be to start out at a time-control like 20 20 (20 minutes plus 20 additional seconds per move), or 45 30. Something like that where you will have time to think and your rating won't be based on how strong you are on the clock.

Slower games tend to be more meaningful games as well, I find; gives one more room to grow as a player.

chesstiger said...

If that is a 1351 player on that site i dont want to know how strong (weak) 1600 players are.

Rolling Pawns said...

On 1351 is very low. If you play a few games, your rating will raise pretty fast. I play there and can find decent partners. I am less excited now about correspondence chess than before as quality is lower than OTB, still it's a good training instrument. Very good for the openings, as you can start a new game with any variation or even organize thematic tournament.

CHESSX said...

I wonder about how internet ratings work.
After beating the 1351 my rating went from the basic entry 1200 to 1445.
On the strenght of 1 game, i think if player A played the system player A could get to 1700 or so without to much trouble.

Rolling Pawns

I dont have the time to play otb anymore i wish i did.
But this is ok for the time being.

I have played people on other sites that let their rating fall on pupose.

This allows them to play in a lower rated tournament then they win it or finish high.

Because their real strenght is better than their downed rating.
Has any one else came across this?

Rolling Pawns said...

The more games you play, the less your rating will change, my changes by ~30 after win or loss to an equal opponent after 75 games. I had maybe a couple of strange games when my opponent played unusually (for the rating) bad, but it could be just the bad shape, I didn't pay much attention. This site is pretty good, I would recommend you to play more, you will get better partners soon. If you play 3 days per move, you always can make it and you can play as many games as you want ( I play 5 now, it was more before).

Rolling Pawns said...

By my evaluation online rating (correspondence) on is ~ USCF + 300.

Christopher D. Walborn said...

What have you thought of your experiences at Any thoughts? As you may have noticed when you visited my blog, I've been evaluating against SchemingMind for corr play and only want to pay for one of them. What do you like and/or dislike about and/or any of the other sites you've used?