Friday, 6 March 2009


I am white in this game.
It is another example of not very good chess.
I am not sure what i was thinking when i played 9.Nd5


linuxguyonfics said...

9. Nd5 I've made that mistake many, many times in blitz, and followed it up with Qf3, just never in a tournament game.

If you write down your move before you play them, you can eliminate these types of blunders nearly a 100%. That is an advantage to playing tournaments. I used to think people who did that weren't macho or something, but it works. Online you can fudge around with the pieces and put the piece back and nobody notices, so this is the equivalent of doing that in tournament play.

13... Nf4 takes away your queens escape square of f4, and it appears you can hold the extra piece.

13 ...d5 traps your queen, so Nxd, exd, Qxd when you have an advantage, in development. But actually he has 14. f5! Nxf gxf and Black is winning again.

14 Nf3 looks risky as he can play N back to d7 and push ahead his pawns, looking for a fork and at least cramp your position badly. I may have played Nf4-e2 to get out of the way of Black's coming pawn avalanche.

18...b5? Classic weak-player mistake of attacking before development is in place, even though it's never easy to see at first or they would have seen it, hehe, obviously. When I saw weak, I don't mean low-rated, I just mean from the theoretical point of view of knowing when to begin an attack.

Black follows the wrong plan in the ending with 35...d3, releasing the pressure of the pawns. Instead, Black had 31...Bh3, because 32. Rb1 ...Qxa 33.Qa5 Qxc 34. QxB QxN and now he has 3 pawns for the rook. Oh yeah, he is already down a whole rook, never mind. hehe.

Imagine on move 35 that he were playing Ba3, winning your c2 pawn. You probably should have played more actively. I like your h3 move to give your king luft(air), but then look for Qa5 so you can get in a4 and axb, axb so at least the b-pawn would be a target for your rook.

BTW, I didn't use Crafty to find any of these moves, and I spotted your g3 deflection move at the end, as well. Just reasonable, normal thoughts I would have had over the board (OTB). ;-)

It was a nice game on your part that, besides the Nd5 move, you outwaited, played with more patience on your part than he did on his part.

Psychologically, he may have thought that you would play more like a chump after your first blunder, so he began looking for complications that weren't there. Stronger players don't fall into that trap so much, they will simply try to win with that extra pawn.

linuxguy said...

He makes some other mistakes, too, like trading off his light bishop. He should have moved Bc6, threatening a5-a4 (winning the bishop on b3). He also should have played Bf6 to defend his rook on d8.

If he can't win a piece for the extra pawns, there's not much sense in playing on.

linuxguy said...

On move 33 you had a4, instead of Nc1 (if bxa RxB) - should lead to swift victory.

I see he had already played Bb6 to keep your queen out of a5.

Rolling Pawns said...

Excellent analysis from linuxguy, difficult to add anything, overall I think you played well. Regarding Nd5 I only can tell you that in recent correspondence games I missed twice discovered attack, saw 3rd one, but didn't calculate it properly, etc. Looking at the computer screen, even for several minutes is not equal to playing OTB. I was sorry to read about your accident on Polly's blog. I wish you full and fast recovery.

CHESSX said...

Thanks for analyzing for me its always good to have other players thoughts.
I have just finished another game, but i not sure i should post it.

Rolling pawns
You are correct OTB is very different from computer chess.

Thanks for asking i am to have reconstruction surgery on my left ancle after an accident.

I hope i do not have to wait much longer as the pain is becoming unbearable at times.
The accident was last may.

Linuxguy said...

ChessX, we like analyzing your games! :-)

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I have a knee that has bothered me since May. Sometimes it feels fine, but after putting some weight on it, like picking up some not so heavy things, it can be sore the next day. But I would take that any day over a foot problem. Hope you get well, maybe it's true that time heals all wounds!

Linuxguy said...

Good luck on your surgery, maybe it will make it heal faster like a pro-athlete!

CHESSX said...

Thanks, i hope i heal to the point i can run again.
People say chess is an easy game to play no pain.
What with your knee and my ankle we are heros!!!!!!