Sunday, 1 March 2009


This is another game i played recently.
White 1367 i am white in this game.
Black 1523
1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 d5 4. Bxc6+ bxc6 5. exd5 Qxd5
6. Nc3 Qd6 7. Ne4 Qd5 8. Nc3 Qe6 9. O-O Bb4 10. Re1 f6
11. d3 Ne7 12. Bd2 O-O 13. Ne4 a5 14. a3 Bxd2 15. Qxd2 Nf5
16. Nc5 Qd5 17. Ne4 a4 18. Qb4 Rd8 19. Qc4 Qxc4 20. dxc4 Nd4
21. Nxd4 Rxd4 22. Rad1 Bf5 23. Rxd4 exd4 24. f3 Re8 25. Nxf6+
This is i think the move that wins the game.

26. Rxe8+ Kf7 27. Re2 c5 28. Kf2 d3 29. cxd3 Bxd3 30. Rd2 Bxc4
31. Rd7+ Ke6 32. Rxc7 h5 33. Rxc5 Bd5 34. Ke3 f5 35. Kd4 Ba2
36. g4 hxg4 37. fxg4 f4 38. Rf5 Bb1 39. Rxf4 Bc2 40. Kc3 Bd1
41. Kb4 Ke5 42. Rc4 Kf6 43. Ka5 Kg5 44. Rxa4 Bxa4 45. Kxa4 Kxg4
46. Kb5 Kh3 47. a4 Kxh2 48. a5 Kg3 49. a6 Kf3 50. a7 Ke3
51. a8=Q Kd3 52. Qd5+ Kc2 53. Qf3 Kb1 54. Kb4 Ka2 55. Kc3 Kb1
56. Qd3+ Ka2 57. Kc2 Ka1 58. Qa3# 1-0


Rolling Pawns said...

I think 3...d5 was a very bad move, never saw it in Ruy. You could have played 4.Nxe5 or 11. d4 to exploit it more. After 25. Nxf6+ you still had to demonstrate some technique, you did that and 36. g4 was very good.

In MS Paint you can cut the exact image and re-paste it, also catch the corner of the white border with mouse and move to eliminate it.

linuxguyonfics said...

4. Nxe Bd7 5. NxB should give you an edge from winning that "minor exchange" as Fisher called it, in an open position, plus it looks like the extra center pawn.

Your play was okay at first, but then you started back-pedalling later on. Like on move 8, you could have played d3 then, as you later saw that it was good and played it and traded dark-bishops anyhow (great job on finding that possibility).

11. d4, good spot by RollingPawns there.

17. Nc5-d4 ouch! You had b4, then c4 kicking the queen, plus your impregnable knight guards the backward pawn on d3. Your pieces would have had a lot of scope and then held a large position together.

You were thinking safety first with that queen trade, but that is often the very move that loses games! Instead of Qc4, play Nc3 kicking his queen and having tremendous scope with your pieces, plus attacking his a4-pawn. If he defends it with Qa4, you have Qc4+, then Rd1 preparing d4 push.

At a higher level that queen trade would have lost you the game.

24...Re8?? Instead, 24...Rb8! wins easy. If he wants to play Re8, he needs to play Kf7 first.

After that, his game is a valiant loss. 31...Kg6, keeping the kingside pawn would have been better. Also, 37...f4 is pointless, since he should be trading that pawn with fxg.

linuxguy said...

SB: If he defends it with Qa5, you have Qc4+, then Rd1 preparing d4 push.

chesstiger said...

I only want to say that with 4. Bxc6 you to quickly lift up the tension. It was not needed to lift the tension there. Let black sweat a little more about your intentions after Bb5

linuxguy said...

The more I look at this position, the more I like 17. Qc3 instead of my b4 thought. If he plays Nd4, you can counter with 18. Nd2, and now the knight on d2 is no longer a target on f3, plus is influencing all kinds of squares - even Nd2-c4 looks threatened.

Of course he immediately blunders with 17...a4, which you correctly capitalize on with 18. Qb4.

CHESSX said...

Thanks for the comments.
A chess game has many different moves thats what makes chess the great game it is.

All of the comments are good i shall try to use them in the future games.

On the one site i am in a tournament with other new joiners.
We are all given a 1200 start rating.
As you can work out some some of these other new joiners are much stronger than 1200.

Some of the players rating have rocketed from 1200 through 1500 to 1900.
I played one person who lost in 23 moves and played like a 900. The next game he played his true game and his rating has soared into the 1800's now.

When i ask him what went on he said i lose some games in order to lower my rating.Then he enters lower rated tournaments and watch his rating rise it's more fun that way!!!.

linuxguy said...


I don't know how prevalent it is anymore, but there used to be a lot of attention paid to sandbaggers. A sandbagger is someone who dumps rating points prior to a big tournament so that they can play in a lower-rated section and have a better chance for prize money.

So some people really are into their ratings, but some go to big, expensive tournaments and want to make money rather than lose it.

Of course it's unethical, and they used to try and keep tabs on who they thought were doing it, but I don't know anymore. Back then the focus seemed to be more on people coming over here from other, poorer countries and doing that.

CHESSX said...

Most players want to add rating points,so it is hard to believe players would want to drop points.

But it happens more than you think,cerntainly more than i thought.

I was talking to a chess friend of myn from another country, who just scraps into the 1900 and above rating section in tournaments.

His rating is 1907.
He drops 20-30 points from time to time so he can enter the lower tournament section.

He has won some money from doing this a few dollars,most times he is still out of pocket moneywise.

But he wins more games this way and has a better tournament.

But it's not right.

Perhaps i can say if i lose a game i have done this on purpose to get a lower rating!!!!!
Not that my opponet was better than me.!!!!!!