Saturday, 28 February 2009

ONE OF MY GAMES using babaschess

After asking Rolling pawns how to do this i thought i better show one of my games.

I joined the Gameknot site just before Christmas and this was one of my first games.

I am black in this game.

1.e4 c5 2.Bc4 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4 Nc6 5.Qc3

This is a very bad move it allows a game winning pin.

5…….Bb4 6.Bd2 Bxc3+ 7.Bxc3 Nf6 8.f3 O-O 9.Nh3 d5
10.Bd3 d4 11.Bd2 e5 12.f4 Bxh3 13.gxh3 Nh5
14.f5 Qh4+ 15.Kd1 Nf4 16.Na3 Nxd3 17.cxd3 Qxh3
18.Kc2 Qh4 19.Rag1 Qf6 20.Bg5 Qd6 21.h4 Rac8
22.Kb1 Nb4 23.Bf6 Qxf6 wasting another piece.
24.h5Nxd3 25.Rh3 Nf4 26.Rh2 Rc6 27.h6 g6
28.Rh4 Qxh4 another piece gone.
29.fxg6 fxg6 30.Nb5 Qf2 31.Rd1 Qc2+
32.Ka1 Qxd1++

I know it's not great chess but comments please.


Rolling Pawns said...

Frankly, your opponent was too weak, so difficult to say anything about the game. You can make image bigger by changing the size of the Babaschess window and in MS Paint you can resize the window after paste to take out the white.

linuxguyonfics said...

Chessx - I think it is safe to say that you were playing 1900+ and your opponent was probably playing at around 600 performance rating in that game, mainly because of the blunders.

I think you should probably be playing higher rated opponents because you won't really get anywhere, rating-points-wise, if you are frequently playing down that far.

Believe me, when I am dumping rating points on FICS, I am usually playing against 1500 or 1600 level players at 15 0, where I don't handle time well (it's like blitz, and a lot of them choose that time control but then trick ya with blitz play). You can lose a good chunk of rating points against lower-rated players very quickly, and it takes forever to gain it back against them - it's a losing battle.

I think you are better than you think you are. ;-)

linuxguyonfics said...

I think you played the same moves that I would have played in that game, plus you didn't seem to make any errors.

If you are using MS Paint, make sure you have the whole area selected, not just the board, then use the stretch/skew instead of properties. Try 50% size at first, and notice the difference.

CHESSX said...

Thanks i still cant get rid of the box around the board.It might be how i save the picture.

Linuxguy said...

Yep, it's how you saved it. ;-)

chesstiger said...

Although your opponent didn't put up any resistance you did well to exploit his mistakes. But like linuxguyonfics says it's best to play against higher rated players who can punish your mistakes so that you can learn from it.

I would say that a ratio of 75% against higher rated opponents and 25% against lower or equal rated opponents is a good average.