Saturday, 21 February 2009


The poll asking the question should chess be taught in primary Schools has now finished.
The result is 93.33% yes with 6.67% no.

Clear support for chess being taught in our Primary Schools along with other subjects.
Their are many benefits children gain from learning chess, such as problem solving skills are enhanched, being responsible for your moves(actions).

To find out more about the benefits of chess CLICK HERE

Thanks to all who voted.


linuxguyonfics said...

And blitz chess teaches people how to use the time-controls. ;-p

Chess teaches above all, logic.

The thing I notice about people who don't play chess like we do, which is most everybody, when they start to argue over abstract issues like politics, economics, even career, etc, their logic skills seem almost absent compared to a strong chessplayer's. This is just my gut feeling. If I never played chess, my logic skills would probably drop off to some extent, but I think they'd still remain strong from all the years at the chessboard.

linuxguyonfics said...

Logic is sort of like a color of crayon. There is no correct color when using crayons, but there is such a thing as being master of a certain color, so to speak.

Some people seem to use the crayon called biological-reasoning and get by in life quite well with just that one.

But if you work on logic problems, chess should prove helpful if you learned how to play at one time or another.

linuxguyonfics said...

I think I seriously overstated the differences there.

People naturally have logic skills, but it does help when formally constructing a problem because that is partly how the game of chess goes. It's a skill very much like systems-analysis in the business world.

CHESSX said...

Good thinking linuxguyonfics. Chess is a great problem solving skill and can be used in many different ways.
Education is slowly waking up to the benefits of chess.