Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I was in the chess centre in london a couple ( click her for online store ) of days ago and saw Bobby Fischers my 60 memorable games for only £9.00.
I have been toying with buying this book for a while now,it has been priced at £14.99 recently.
But when i saw it at £9.00 i just could not say no to buying it and keeping on my "to buy" list,i bought it there and then.
I know i am proberly one of the last chess players to buy this book,or to have played the 60 games from it.
Although i have other Fischer books,this is Fischers games in his own words.
I am looking forward to playing over them.
After Batsford changed things in the their first version of the book,and Fischer did not like it they changed it back.
The only change from the original in this version is the notation is algebraic.
I will post my favorite games from this book soon.

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