Friday, 31 December 2010


First a happy new year to all chess bloggers.

I have just finished reading a very good chess history book.
The unknown Bobby Fischer by IM's John Donaldsona and Eric Tangborn.
This book covers the early years of Fischer with snipits of information
from players/people who where Fischer friends at that time.
The book moves on to his 1964 Transcontinental tour giving reports and games from his displays.
The book is littered with photos of Bobby and other chess players.
Fischers displays in europe during the 1970's are covered included his last recorded game against
WIM Kathy Forbes who was covering the Fischer V Spassky 1992 return match for CHESS magazine.
The book finishes with some letters he wrote and a story about him in an Argentina chess book store.
Plus a list of books about Bobby and a list of works by Bobby himself.
Reading this book i felt it added to what i think i already know about Bobby Fischer,
it gives a side of a great player not normally seen.

The book is full of quicky games,but i give just 1 from a display in Columbus Ohio
may 18th.His results for this display were +48,=2.-0.

Fischer. v W.Kaufer + 2 consultants.

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chesstiger said...

I believe i once owned that book. Wondered what happened with it, where did i lost it or to who did i lend it that didn't return it?

Good to hear you had fun with it. Hope you learned something from it while you read it.

Is the next Fischer ready to stand up?