Friday, 24 December 2010


First i would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Recently i spent 2 days at the London chess classic tournament,watching the superstars and catching up with a few chess friends as well.
I was their for the first days play,and what a game Luke Mcshane had in beating Magnus Carlsen.
I was lucky to get a few words with Luke after the game,he was very down to earth, which is amazing as he just beat the highest rated player he had ever played.
I also got to talk to Micky Adams and Vladimir Kramnik(i have the photos to prove it).
Micky is a very nice person,and is willing to spend a bit of time talking chess to lower type players.

I also met Viktor Korchnoi who is a legend in chess but very grumpy when he is finished talking to you.

I had a great time watching the GM's and also some of the games in other tournaments.
Link to the London chess classic website click here

Cant wait for next year.


LinuxGuy said...

That is awesome, this is even better than your chess-den photo. haha.

I would like to meet Adams, as he is a true prodigy IMHO, but I would have to ask him when he is going to become world champion. ;-D An interesting person to meet, I suspect.

chessx said...

Yes Adams is interesting to talk to,and very normal down to earth person.

r4 for the ds said...

Chess is wonderful mind game to play. I watch your photos. They all photos are very nice, i really like it.