Saturday, 6 February 2010


I am going through the games in the Batsford book Petrosian Vs the Elite.
I came across this delightful game played in 1970.
Petrosian is black in a French defence Winawer.

In this game Petrosian seemed to be in control all the time,he made 13 knight moves out of the games 48 moves.
The knights controled the game until his pawns become to strong.

I really enjoy playing over Petrosian's games,they are not boring as many players think.But full of control and precise play.

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Aziridine said...

Great game. Thanks for posting.

Tommyg said...

I LOVE Petrosian's games!! They are way above my pay grade but they are super fun to play over!!

I just got done playing through the game Tarrasch-Vogel, 1910/Nuremburg in Chernev's "Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played.

Tarrasch's knight makes 13 of 37 moves.

LinuxGuy said...

Positionally, he executes with great instinct, but he wins 3 pawns for the exchange in a sort of a long-winded mop-up operation.

He achieved a better piece-layout in the opening and White did not exchange bishop for knight.

Rolling Pawns said...

Great positional play by Petrosian, his classical exchange sac. Thanks for posting.

PetrS said...

It was nice game! Thanks for sharing it!