Saturday, 30 January 2010


This game is more like the way i play,safe, boring,dull.
I was white in this KIA game,and never really took the battle to my opponent.
It almost seemed i played this game like Petrosian,waiting for my opponent to make a mistake.
I played around and within my pawn wall,never breaking the chain till i had to.
My passed pawns would have been impossible to stop,as he was going to be a rook down.

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Rolling Pawns said...

Your opponent looks weaker than you, despite of the ratings. Maybe you should play more, so the rating will reflect your strength.
I think you will find your style, the main thing is to play strong positionally and see the tactics.

CMoB said...

5. Bg5 seemed kind of awkward (if not bad) to me considering your playing a KIA. 5. Nbd2 is more appropriate. I consulted Rybka, and it showed that after 5. Bg5 Black obtains a winning innitiative after 5... dxe4!

chesstiger said...

A nice result against a higher rated player with decent play. Congrats!