Thursday, 24 December 2009


We may come from different cultures follow different religions, or not follow one at all.
But we are all humans and all have more or less the same needs.
Fortunately for me chess is one of my needs.
So i would like to wish everyone a merry chessmas, or seasons greetings.


Tommyg said...

Merry Christmas and Happy NEw Year right back at ya ChessX!

PetrS said...

As it is unfortunately almost after Christmas, I wish you a Happy New Year! In my country we wish health, love and hapiness for the New Year. And I would add (for us chessaholics) nice chess games ;)

chesstiger said...

If your christmas was as good as mine (getting a 25.5 inch screen is always a fantastic gift) then i am sure it was one of the best christmas party you had.

Happy new year to you, hope it brings all that you can reasonably wish for.

Rolling Pawns said...

Happy New Year! Be healthy and continue to share with us our love to this magnificent game - chess.