Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I have just won this game through time forfeit,the play was 3 days per move.
The position was even ,but i had a good knight.
Perhaps he just lost interest?

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I would like to wish all chess fans a happy new year.


Petr S. said...

The knight is fantastic in the final position. I believe you would win the game as you were better.

It is a pity that many internet games is won by forfeiting time. Usually I prefer to play something like 10 days per move and it is enough for 99.5% players.

chesstiger said...

I guess with the holidays and christmas and new year celebration your opponent hadn't time anymore (nor vacation time left on gameknot?).

The game is played reasonably well and white is better in the final position.

LinuxGuy said...
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LinuxGuy said...

In that final position it is Black's move, but you are threatening Qxh gxQ Nf6+, forking king and queen.

If Black plays ...Rg5, you have Qh4, threatening Rf6, then Rxh and again fork on f6 with the knight.

What will keep Black honest is that you have Rf1, doubling with your last rook. His queen can move further away, but this is also a concession.

LinuxGuy said...

Actually, Qxh is not a threat right away as Black could trap the knight once it recaptured the queen, but that is the right threat, the Nf6+ double-attack threat. something captured on f6 also blows up the pawn chain there.

CMoB said...

Neat game! Some moves you made seemed to be a bit odd though... Like Bd2 only to move it a second time to g5. Why not Bg5 right away? And what was the purpose of 15 Nh2 only to follow up with 16 c4? I saw some nice maneuvering the Knight around to d5 by way of g4, e3, d5! And then the move 19 Nf3. Why not Nf5? Not only would that threaten to take d6 but yet again the reroute to d5.

Just a few quick thoughts.

Anyway, i hope you'll have a good new chess year. May you win lots more :D

Rolling Pawns said...

I play this variation, the plan is Be3 or Bg5, h3 with Nh2 and f4. You did it, some moves could be omitted. Now could follow mentioned by linuxguy Rf1 and threats on f6.