Monday, 7 September 2009


Another game with a killer move is T.Petrosian v B. Spassky World championship 1966 game 10.

What a move 30.Qh8+ a temporary queen sacrifice that leads to a won position.
This would be a great move to play in a normal tournament game,but in a World Championship game,wow.

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Petrosian is known for grinding an opponent down positionally,his games to some seem boring.
But on occasion he could when the position deemed it produce the Tal/Morphy type firework moves.(but alas not very often)


LinuxGuy said...

I don't understand this game. Spassky gets the typical attack that he likes and then plays ...Rf7 instead of ...Kf8. Next move plays queen to g5 or h4; why not Qe7?

The queen h8+, believe it or not I saw that move almost immediately, it's in the "Combination Challenge!" book; now I know what game that shot came from.

Rolling Pawns said...

It's a nice long move. I got something like that once, more simple and short-range, still devastating. It was a good lesson, though :).

chesstiger said...

Petrosian's play may look boring but if we could play like him we wouldn't be embarresed to do it, boring play or not.