Thursday, 13 August 2009


Have you ever played a killer move in a game,a move that has been so devastating it wins straight away.

I give 2 of the most famous examples of killer moves.

Game 1 Levitsky against Frank Marshall in 1912.
In this game so history has it,when Marshall played 23.....Qg3 people in the crowd threw gold coins as they thought it such a great move.

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Game 2 Bernstein against Jose Capablanca 1914.
Some older books refer to Capablanca's move 29....Qb2 as a million dollar move.

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If i ever did play a killer move i think it might be valued some what less!!!


Tommyg said...

Those are awesome!! I love that Marshall move, and the Capablanca move is in Alburt's Pocket Training book I believe.

I do not think I have played a killer move as of yet!

LinuxguyonFICS said...

ChessX, I always liked that second game as well (I remember both of them, actually), didn't realize it was Capablanca, though.

I think I played a killer move in my game against Anthony once, but nothing _too_ spectacular. This time the killer-move was played on me yesterday. I had the advantage, but became victim to a killer-move.

Rolling Pawns said...

I knew the first one, second is great too. I felt like I did it in OTB game probably once, 2 month ago (even had a post about that game), leaving a knight under attack.

PetrS said...

Fantastic games! I have seen them, but it is always good to replay such masterpieces again!
Perfect choice, Chessx!