Monday, 4 August 2008


The title of Grandmaster of chess was given to the 5 leading players in the St Petersburg tournament by the Tsar of Russia in 1914.
The 5 players are Lasker,Alekhin, Capablanca, Marshall and Tarrasch.
Here i give a famous game from one of these players Frank Marshall the American Champion.
In this game Marshall plays his famous Qg3 move.
Can white take the queen?
Does white have a good move?


BlunderProne said...

Had Pillsbury not died of syphillas in 1906, I think he would have made teh first american Grandmaster of that same period. Lasker ruled World Champion title for some time ( 16 years I think) almost losing it to Schlechter during the 1910 match.

CHESSX said...

Pillsbury was a talent lost far to early to the chess world.

Rolling Pawns said...

Qg3 is excellent, thanks for that game. I am fascinated with his attack in Ruy Lopez, just posted an article about it.