Friday, 1 August 2008


The best chess books i have read have been mainly game collections books.
In no order my best chess books are:
1. Immortal games of Capablanca.
This book contains some great games although from a different time still great.
2. Alekhine best games 1908-1937.
Some games in this book are gems, a must for the attacking player.
3. Bobby Fischer:Profile of a prodigy.
This book gives an insight not much just enough of the real Bobby Fischer.
4. My fifty years of chess.
The games of Frank Marshall one of the first 5 Grandmasters.I don't think
many of you would have seen this book, some may not have heard of Marshall.
But when i get a bit tried of chess this book cheers me up chesswise.
It's not a classic but if you have read it then you will know what i mean.
5. Curse of Kirsan.
A book by Sarah Hurst about the current FIDE President. A very good read.

The worst chess book i read was Persona non grata, by victor Kortchnoi.
It was written after the 1978 world championship aganst Karpov.
I know Kortchnoi had defected to the west and his family was still held in the ussr.
But the book in my mind is not a proper chess book.
I have other books by kortchnoi and i think they are very good,but this one for me was the worst.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you that most of the best chess books I have read (in my short time reading them) have been game collections. I have learned a lot from some other books but for the combination (no pun intended), of instruction, enjoyment and furthering my love of the game, nothing beats a good game collection.

Of the few I have read I would rank them in this order:

1) My 60 Memorable Games, by Fischer
2) Capablanca's Best Endings, by Chernev
3) Marshall's Best Games of Chess, By Marshall (I am about halfway through this one!)

Have a good one,


CHESSX said...

I am glad some one agrees with me,You will enjoy the marshall book.
Your book list is excellent.