Saturday, 23 January 2010


I played another game with the Scandinavian icelandic gambit,but on the white side in a 20 minutes a side game.

This opening was discussed by me and my opponent after the last game.

Although the result was good for me i still dont feel happy about being this adventurous.I will go back to my French defence as black and kia as white.
Safe in dullness.

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Perhaps this is a new me!!!!


Rolling Pawns said...

I think you play better than you played before, when you choose somewhat defensive/passive play. You do not have to play 3. c4 here, it's really adventurous. I usually play 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Be2, leaving black bishop on a "bad" square. But such lines open your game, and again, I think it's good. You can always go back, but not completely. I think that all 1.d4, KIA, etc. closed games are for 2000 rated players, that mastered their tactics/attacking skills, but we should play more open game.

From the patzer said...

I wonder why you would change back to your other openings? So far so good with your new openings, atleast you are showing us only wins.

PetrS said...

I think you managed the opening phase very good. The opponent was not able to find a good plan and he started to lose pawns and then exchange. The rest was easy.

chessx said...

Thanks guys,this opening is different from what i would normally play.
It's to open and attacking from move 1 almost for me.
I have taken on board what you have said Rolling pawns,about the kia.

Chesstiger i have lost a game with this opening,but my opponent blundered a piece and resigned,when he had a much better game.
So i dont count that one,as i was lucky not to lose.

In this opening i think a plan forms itself,attack and attack again!!!!!

CMoB said...

Wow! Nice game there dude! I finally got around to viewing it. You look good playing open games.