Monday, 8 November 2010


I am asking my fellow bloggers to post their dumbest move.
This has been prompted by the dumbest move i have ever played.
It was only a 5 minute game,but when i played it we both just could not take our eyes off the board in amazement.

I am playing white in this game with just less than a minute on the clock.
I reached out and picked up the pawn and moved it to f8 and swopped it for a queen!!!
Then it hit me,what a dumb move.

Yes i know it's stalemate,it is awful i was so shocked i did not press my clock button and my flag feel.

If you have a "your dumbest move" please post it.


LinuxGuy said...

That looks more like a time-pressure mistake. I wouldn't even include that if I wrote a book on my mistakes. ;-D

Even promoting it to a knight, I wouldn't hesitate to lose the knight safely.

LinuxGuy said...

Promote it to a rook, Ke7..Qf6 mate. ;-)

chesstiger said...

My dumbest move in blitz is probably thinking i mate on h7 with my queen but after my opponent taking my queen realizing that the bishop is attacking g7 and not h7. With other words, Qh7+ is just blundering the queen instead of giving the mate.

LinuxGuy said...

In blitz, I've hung multiple pieces in the same game where my opponent did not even notice!

Rolling Pawns said...

Doesn't look dumbest to me, I myself made quite a few moves like this in blitz. For me dumbest is when I miss mate in 1.

Tommyg said...

Hey ChessX,

I posted a recent dumbest move of mine as per your request!

PetrS said...

Hi did very similar move. I ctreated a stalemate having K+Q against K... I think it happens to everyone sometimes :)
I was happy it was not in the serious tournament but only in a blitz one.

yildizname said...

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