Monday, 5 October 2009


This game was a friendly game not a tournament or match game.
I played the French as Black against a player called Dave.
The time control was 10 minutes each for the whole game.

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I ran the game through fritz and got pages of anaylsis,no way would i have found, let alone thought of most of the the fritz stuff.

But hey, comments please.


PetrS said...

What was wrong with 13.... Bxh3? Maybe opening h-file for white's attack?

I think, the biggest problem of white was badly placed bishop on d2 and the absence of the plan after the queen exchange.

CHESSX said...

Is better than the move i played,my excuse is i only had 10 minutes for the whole game.
But i proberly played 13...Bxf3 out of habit and to quickly.

LinuxGuy said...

I thought White was going to reposition his bishop back to g2. White took a long time before getting in c4, and didn't properly defend the d-pawn. After that, you had the winning advantage and outplayed White. Nice job!

Rolling Pawns said...

You played better than your opponent. I was pleasantly surprised by your choice of the opening/variation, Winaver 3.... Bb4 is sharp, I myself play 3.... Nf6 :). You see, you can do it. Maybe it worth to invest some time and learn deeper this variation.

CHESSX said...

Rolling pawns
It's funny i played this way,and i still think i am playing to passive.
But i am glad i am slowly changing,instead of seeking a safe move i am now looking for a more aggressive move.
I dont always find one but at least i am now looking.

If it carries on like this i shall be playing like you and linuxguy!!!

Thanks,i knew i had the slightly better game but i got stuck on how to make it a won game.

Yes 13...Bxh3 was the move,but as i have said i made this move on autopilot or habit.
Well thats my excuse!!!