Sunday, 31 August 2008


Was the Bobby Fischer game against Donald Byrne, played in october 1956 during the rosenwald tournament the game of the 20th century?
I think it is a fantastic game to play over, and to be played by some one who was only 13 years of age.But does it deserve the title it has?
Play over the game and tell me.


Anonymous said...

Game of the Century is quite a title to live up to. It IS an amazing game!! There are so many great games out there. I will say that it IS the game of the century in that it was an amazing game with an amazing queen sacrifice, but more importantly it served to herald the arrival of the most brash, galvanizing, controversial, arrogant and (in)famous chess player that we have seen to up to this point in history. So on a historical ground I think it lives up to the title.

CHESSX said...

Well put tommyg.
If this game had been played in 1850's by Morphy it would of been just another Morphy classic.
Yes you are correct it was the start of something new and very brash.
Plus in Fischer America/the world got a player who could challenge the Russian at what was becoming their game,and win.
What makes a game the game of the century,is it just the chess?
Or is it chess plus historic setting?
Do we have any contenders for this century?