Wednesday, 23 July 2008


This is a photo of the first Grandmasters of chess a title given to them by the Tsar of Russia 1914.
In the photo L to R Lasker,alekhine,Capablnca,Marshall and Tarrasch.
The current world champion and 2 future world champions.

Who was the best player of all time?
Can this question be answered?
Was Capablanca best or alekhine or Fischer or is Kasparov the best.
What makes a great chess player.
Is talent is training is it both.
I think capablnca was the best because he had talent by the bucket full,but
he was lazy in somuch as he did not need to train, as he was just better than most of his rivals at the time.
But when he came across better prepard players (who where less talented than him)
he struggled.
Alekhine to follow.

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